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or on 07771 631662.

Ipswich IP2

Terms & Conditions

Below is a copy of my Terms and Conditions.

I ask students to sign these prior to starting lessons. Please note that these are non-negotiable.

Tuition is offered to:

Student's Name:





Telephone number:


Email address:


As agreed during consultation or pro rata for part thereof.

Fees may be increased from time to time.

Notice will be given by email at the address above, in the term before the increase takes effect.

I would like to book lesson by lesson _____ (please tick)

I would like to book a block of _____ lessons (please tick)

Lessons need to be paid for in advance.

I ask for 48hrs notice for any cancellation of lessons. Lessons missed or cancelled by students for any reason after this period will not be made up or refunded. Lessons cancelled by me will be made up or refunded, at my discretion.

I am not responsible for any student outside of the scheduled lesson time.

A minimum of 4 weeks' notice to discontinue lessons is required. It is not possible to discontinue lessons midway through a pre-paid block. If the full 4 weeks' notice is not given, a payment equivalent to the value of 4 weeks' worth of lessons is required. No reduction or part-payment of this notice charge is possible. This is a charge in lieu of notice, and does not entitle the student to any additional lessons.

This agreement runs until terminated as above. You will be notified in advance of any changes to the terms and/or conditions by me via email, at the email address given above.

I agree to offer tuition as set out above:

    Melissa D'Arcy, BA (Hons) Perf, full ISM member

I accept the offer of tuition on the terms and conditions as set out above:

    Student/Parent or Guardian if student is under 18



* * *